Unisex Skin Care - Is there a difference between men and womens skin?

Unisex Skin Care - Is there a difference between men and womens skin?

More and more attention is given to skin care nowadays, and this applies to both men and women. Skin care products for men used to be considered taboo, but in recent years it has become acceptable that men also want to take care of their skin and now can buy skin care products without suspicion. The beauty industry is obviously aware of this trend, has used it to its advantage and so the beauty products for men have become extensive. But the question here is, does a mans skin actually need different products?

Apparently the answer is no. According to leading cosmetologists, there is no difference between skin care products for men and women. In fact, the composition of these products (in most cases) is basically the same. The skin care products for men will of course have a masculine scent along with male packaging, but besides that ... no difference.

But bad news for women - there is apparently a difference in skin - men get fewer wrinkles. Results from a new study show that the moisture content of male skin is higher, because it is usually oilier and therefore men get fewer wrinkles than women.

The next question is? Are expensive skin care products more effective than the cheaper brands? Apparently the answer is no - expensive is not always synonymous with better. There are good and bad products out there, but when judging them for quality at price, other factors must be considered as brand, packaging quality, ingredients and possible presence of chemical preservatives.

People must decide what they consider to be important in a skin care product, and this is obviously different from person to person. Something like the luxury of a brand, while for others it is the effectiveness of the product that counts. Products from a supermarket shelf are definitely not necessarily worse than the advanced brand names. What really matters is that we have a product that will clean and hydrate our skin, regardless of price.

Beauty experts also recommend that we should avoid residence permits because continuous use of products may make them work less efficiently. Therefore, it is wise to sometimes change products and perhaps with each season change. The same products that rehydrate our dry skin in summer, for example, can also make them fat during the winter months.

The composition and quality of our skin naturally change with age and therefore our skin care products must also adjust with age. As a child, we have soft, very delicate skin. When we develop into our teens we need to switch to products depending on our skin type - usually, dry or oily. For all three types, some form of hydration is needed. The older we get, the drier becomes our skin and we therefore develop into richer moisturizers that are adapted to our skin type.

For both sexes, our daily skin care routine in the morning should begin with a gentle cleansing, followed by a moisturizer that suits our age and season. In the evening, clean the skin again and follow a moisturizing night cream.

Can we really prevent aging? Some products claim that you can prevent and even remove wrinkles, and although some of these may be slightly effective, the skin is aging mainly because of our genes. There are other factors that can be considered though:

• Do we take a healthy diet, get enough nutrition, drink enough water, eat enough fruit etc?

• Have we used enough UV protection? Do we expose ourselves to too much sun or worse, sunbeds?

In addition to the above, there are some things you can do to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help prevent new ones from forming:

• Enter the routine mentioned earlier, ie to remove dirt from the skin twice a day with mild cleaning.

• Treat a facial bath twice a week, using an exfoliator and / or face mask for deeper cleaning.

• If you wear makeup, make sure you do not use cosmetics that clog the pores.

• Moisture is important in the fight against aging. When the skin is dry, it is more sensitive to wrinkles, so always use moisturizer on your face morning and night (make sure you use a moisturizer with UV protection when the sun is out).

• Stop drinking moisturizing soda and instead drink water all day.

• Drinking some wine or beer has been shown to give some health benefits, but an excessive amount of alcohol in your body can tear it off the nutrients needed to keep your skin healthy.

• Exercise is another important key to, of course, keep the skin free from wrinkles. Exercise facilitates acid production and release of toxins. This is important for the condition of your skin because toxins that build up can damage both skin skin and skin skin, making it difficult to treat the skin.

• It is clear that if you smoke cigarettes you must stop. Smoking cigarettes are the fastest way to develop wrinkles!

• And last but not least .. if you want an immediate facelift ... keep smiling! Its free and very efficient!

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