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Racing Frogs - What's it all about?

You've heard off MMOG's (massive multiplayer online games)? Well Racing Frogs is a QFMOG (quick-fix multiplayer online game). You create and look after a racing frog and lots of other players do the same (takes a couple of minutes to create a frog). The game is simple to learn and only takes a few minutes a day to play (you don't have to visit every day but most players do). There is no advantage to staying on the site more than these few minutes so people with limited time are as competitive as those with lots of time.

Top Tip: Visit the forum and check out Goldspoon's guide to Racing Frogs.

The Racing Frogs forum is also the place to go if you have any questions or if you want tips. Some players worry that forums are full of weirdo's - honestly this is a great forum, tightly monitored and all the moderators are adults.

IMPORTANT: If a frog is not trained at least once in a 28-day period the account will be DELETED (to keep the database tight and fast).

It's up to you whether you want read the rest of this document you don't have to but it will help you understand the game.

Your first task was to create your frog (you will probably already have done this). You are now a "frog trainer" and are required, on a daily basis if possible, to train your frog (you can also employ an expensive personal trainer), choose its diet and buy it items from the frog Hypermarket and Chuggi Shop.

Within the VIP Zone you can purchase a Dragonfly Trap to catch dragonflies and store them or feed them to your frog (affects the frog's performance in the next race only). Some Dragonflies have mystical Power Elements that can boost your frog's performance for all races and the best six that you own will fill the slots to the right of the screen where you view your frog.

Tip: It is not worth feeding flies to your frog in the early part of the game. Dragonflies are linked to frog's age so have hardly any effect until the frog is older.

Tip: You can sell dragonflies caught on the trap and use the gold to buy your frog goodies from the Hypermarket.

Your frog travels to the races every day and enters the races all by itself (you are its trainer/manager). Frogs race ONCE PER DAY (UK time approx. 3am). The site is not accessible for an hour or two whilst the race takes place. You can watch a replay of the race in the VIP Zone after it has taken place.

To get the most fun out of Racing Frogs you can start your own Racing Frogs Club (VIP Zone) or join an existing club.

There are various aims to the game - to gain ELITE trainer points and make it to the top of the Elite Trainer Rankings and to win the big weekly Superfrog event. There are other important competitions along the way.

IMPORTANT: 1 point in the game is equal to 1 second in the race (so if your frog improves any one of its scores by 60 it will complete the next race 60 seconds faster than it would have done before the improvement).

IMPORTANT: A frog can only race, or join clubs, at the pond in which it is created. Each pond has its own races (including Superfrog and other important races), in other words - the ponds are all completely separate from each other.

IMPORTANT: A frog progresses through three stages during the 243 days of its racing life (the stages are determined by how old he or she is). These stages (hopper groups) are Young Hopper, High Hopper and Expert Hopper. When a frog moves up a hopper group it will struggle at first (those around it will be older and more experienced) but as the frog gains age and experience within its hopper group it will find the going easier. Each hopper group is split into five grades (based on how good your frog is compared to all others within its hopper group). Grade 5 is the place to be. The higher the grade the more gold you can win (and you can earn elite points in grade 5).

Frogs race once per day (overnight UK time) and are randomly sorted into groups of about 24 to race against each other. Frogs only race against other frogs of the same grade and the same hopper group.

Each group of 24 frogs will race around the first of four courses - at Frog Pond this is Muddy Bank. You can see who your "group competitors" are, and all of their times, in the VIP ZONE.

Note: Last place in a grade 5 race is BETTER than first place in a grade 4 race.

Your frog will stay in this same group of 24 frogs for the next three races (at Frog pond the next three races are Ribbitt Shallows, Toad Alley and Lily Cove) and each time you will find out the result following the race. When a frog has completed the first four races it is re-graded and sorted and put into a new group of 24 (in the same way as happened the first time), and it stays with this group for the next four races when it will be put into a new group again - and so on throughout the game.

Your frog's performance in any of the races is dependant on the sum of its scores for fitness, energy, motivation and contentment. Form and Powerboost also play an important part. Form goes up or down a little each day at random but is improved if a frog eats a dragonfly. Powerboost is the boost provided by dragonfly feeding and power elements).

Note: To see how much gold you can win click on the "ALL ABOUT GOLD" button below your frog and then click on the "RACE WINNINGS" button at the top right of the screen. Your frog also gets a certain amount of gold just for competing in a race. This information can be found by clicking on the help icon in the box above your frog's head (then keep clicking the "MORE" button). Moving up through the grades is advantageous as the higher the grade the more gold you get just for entering the race.

Your frog will be invited to enter four competitions as they arise.

The first three competitions in the list above are each entered only one time. Superfrog races behave slightly differently: if a frog is placed in first, second or third place in a daily race it will automatically be invited to take part in the weekly Superfrog competition. This race takes place in the early hours of each Sunday morning (UK time). Superfrog is a real free-for-all, and thousands of frogs set off at the same time - all ages and experience race together. If a frog finishes in a top ten position in one of the Superfrog races it will win a lot of gold! When a frog reaches retirement age it is automatically entered into one last Superfrog race and you will see details about this on your frog's page when the time comes.

Medals from the above competitions are important. The more medals in your medals box the higher the motivation of your frog.

Before an important race feed your frog the best dragonflies you can (don't waste good dragonflies on daily races unless you have a very good reason).

Final Superfrog. Every frog retires at the end of the day when it reaches 243 days of age - once that day has gone you can no longer properly access your frog. On that day (whatever day of the week it falls on) feed your frog its best dragonflies. This is because every frog is entered into the next Superfrog race after it retires (and this is when the frog is at its fittest).

Have fun and may the fastest frog win!

Racing Frogs Support Team

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