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Security Updates - December 2016

For your protection, the Racing Frogs website is now using a digital certificate issued by Symantec™ to encrypt all communications between your web browser and the website. You do not have to do anything, your browser will be redirected to the secure website automatically. I have tested the website in several browsers and it appears to be working correctly, but if you notice something not working, please use the contact form to tell me about it.

Along with this update, I have also removed all inactive accounts from the database and updated all the remaining accounts to use the strongest possible password encryption. This means that we can no longer send you your existing password if you forget it. Instead, we will generate a temporary one-time password and send that to you instead.


Windymore and Stumpycreek Closures Update - December 2008

Windymore Lake and Stumpycreek will officially close on December 31st, 2008. If you wish to retain your trainer account you must transfer before midnight on December 31st, 2008. From January 1st, 2009, all races will take place in Frog Pond. If your password is the same as your trainer name, you must change this BEFORE your frog retires or you will not be able to transfer your account.

Important Announcements - September 2008

Windymore and Stumpycreek Closures

Please register any new trainer accounts in Frog Pond. We have scheduled Windymore and Stumpycreek to close later this year and are no longer allowing new trainer accounts to be registered. The last date existing trainers on Windymore or Stumpycreek can create a new frog is Friday 19th September 2008. We recommend you create new frogs on Wednesday 17th of September to take part in the Swan Song Trophy.

We have no plans to close Frog Pond. These changes are to simplify further updates of the game, reduce costs, and limit the number of support queries.

Password Changes

Please change your password ASAP if your password is the same as your trainer name. If somebody guesses your password and deletes your frog and spends your gold there is nothing we can do to recover them - be warned!

Latest News Regarding Racing Frogs

April 2008

Good News: Julian and Richard have agreed that Racing Frogs will continue to run until December 2008, when a decision will be made regarding it's future.

We have also received a new batch of Anti-Pike devices and they will be distributed to trainers over the next few days. (They have been out of stock for a few months due to a shortage of parts at the factory)

January 2008

The ordering of Passcodes and books has been suspended. Therefore, access to the VIP zone is currently free to all players.

Race Result Notification Emails

July 2007

EMAILS: We have, at various times, been accused, by ISP's, of sending spam emails. This is due, we believe, to those who sign up to Racing Frogs then decide it is not for them; instead of unsubscribing via the link at the foot of emails or at the site itself they mark the emails as Spam which, at a certain volume, triggers a complaint from their ISP to ourselves. This would not usually be a big problem but the fact that we have such a large database of frog trainers means that we have, at times, sent a lot of emails out (a recent newsletter went to 875,000 past and present frog trainers)! Due to this we have cancelled all outgoing emails from the Racing Frogs site for the forseeable future and will not be sending froggy newsletters..

Uber Snoop Updated

Spring 2007

NEW UPGRADED! Want to find out who is above you or ahead of you in "age rank" (those frogs created the same day as yours) and more about their contentment, motivation, fitness etc? Check out Uber Snoop (created by Large_Goose). Brilliant!

Uber Snoop

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