Racing Frogs

Frog Trainer's Power Elements Handbook

"My frog NEEDS these power elements and I need an interesting book to put by the loo…" - A Trainer

The forty-six power elements of the Racing Frogs world described in a handbook that serious frog trainers will not wish to be without. Sixteen of these elements are only recently discovered, some being so powerful that they can only be unleashed with the secret code of Gaia (supplied with this handbook). Can you discover ALL the elements? The book includes a log for recording your discoveries.

Discover a little more about the world around you, including:

and much more. The handbook also includes:

"An unidentified power element released by Gaia… like everybody else we had heard the rumours, but it has finally been discovered? Frog racing may never be the same again." - Frog Pond Times

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