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The answers to many common questions such as "why can't I talk to my frog" and "is Racing Frogs free" can be found in the forum. Please check the forum before sending your question. Racing Frogs is being run on a volunteer basis so only important questions will be answered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I talk to my frog? / How do I talk to my frog? Sorry, but you can no longer talk to your frog. This feature was disabled when the company behind Racing Frogs stopped trading because this feature relies on a 3rd party company. This feature will not be returning to Racing Frogs.

Why have I lost my Anti-Pike Transmitter? When the Racing Frogs was made free to play, the anti-pike transmitter became available to everybody - even those who do not pay to visit the VIP zone. Access to the VIP zone and the anti-pike transmitter is renewed on a weekly basis and you may find the transmitter is missing for a few hours once a week. If it is missing it will be renewed the same morning and not having the transmitter will have no effect on the daily races.

Why don't I get emails from my frog? Sadly, this feature was disabled because too many former players reported their frog emails as spam which resulted in our hosting company threatening to pull the plug, despite the fact Racing Frogs emails are entirely opt-in and every email had an opt-out link.

Help - I cannot access Frog Pond (or Windymore or Stumpy Creek)? 99 times out of 100 it is a problem with your web browser. Simple instructions on how to fix your browser and alternate methods of accessing the websites are available here: Cache Fix & Alternate Addresses

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Please note: Racing Frogs is being run on a volunteer basis - questions that are answered above or in the forum will not be replied to.

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